Thursday, March 02, 2006

No Quarter! (Part IV)

So I’m rolling through the quarters, trying to figure out what drugs the various committees involved with were doing when they made their choices. For the class of 2002, they were definitely doing the brown acid. And you should NEVER do the brown acid.

Tennessee seeks to unify its diverse cultures through their musical interests – trumpet (blues), fiddle (folk), guitar (country), and a musical score (graduates of High School Orchestra). An innocuous plea of “Can’t we all just play along?”

Rating C = Kinda Lame

You put “Ohio” and “Coin” in to the search engine and you get the most recent scandals to rock this state, but the real scandal is this quarter. Ohio, whose motto is “Keeping Indiana and Pennsylvania apart since 1803” doesn’t even have enough self-esteem to find images of its own, instead relying on Kitty Hawk (NC) and the space program (FL), claiming that “Well, they were born here before they left to do important stuff elsewhere).

I suppose "Birthplace of Aviation Pioneers" is a suitable inscription, since whenever I am in Ohio, all I think about is flight. As in fleeing to another state.

Oh, yeah, in case you forgot, this is what the state looks like, here's yet another state outline. I’m willing to bet that the even the state GOP didn’t speculate in this monstrosity.

Rating E = Lame beyond Lameness. A whole new category of lame. The Final Frontier of Lame, against which all future Lameness will be measured.

And when you think that the state outline concept is lame, here comes Louisiana to remind us that they once laid claim of everything up to and including Eastern Montana. They include the Eastern Montana state bird, the pelican, and a trumpet playing taps for this sad example of a coin.

Rating D = Real Lame but looks good compared to Ohio

There’s not a lot you can say about Indiana, other than it hosts a massive race and acts as one big speed trap for the rest of the US. It has the ugly, ugly state outline, and a ring of 19 stars, one of which has escaped and has wisely moved to downstate Illinois.

Rating C = Kinda Lame

You know it’s a rotten year when Mississippi delivers the best coin. And actually, that’s no slam against Old Miss, because while the subject is a little ordinary (the state flower, and one of the better native state flowers), the rendering is really, really nice. And they show guts by going with a script font instead of the serif font. This is a classy coin.

Rating A = Real Cool

So I get a note from Scarlettina asking how I could typo her name in the last entry. All I can say is that I'm doing these in the morning, before heading for work. OK, so why did I typo her OTHER name in the blog roll, which I did NOT write in the morning?

I dunno. Probably it was the brown acid.

More later,