Monday, March 20, 2006

Three Years In

So this past weekend saw the third anniversary of our invasion that kicked off the current war. Not the anniversary of the horrible Casus Belli that set us on this course of action, or even the initial invasion of a different country with the intent on getting the guy responsible (This just in - he's still out there). This is the invasion of another country because it was . . . um . . . hang on, I'll remember this in a moment. No, we don't admit to that reason anymore. Lemme see. And this reason proved fake. I had to have had some reason . . . Ah!

You mother. We invaded Iraq because it said nasty things about your mother.

Hey, it makes as much sense as anything else.

This nasty anniversary was marked by protests in hundreds and thousands across the country and the world. But don't worry about you seeing them in your media - the people who would be reporting on them are the same people that went along for the ride when we were sold this conflict in the first place. I hear about a lap dog media, but I think we've actually got a guard dog media - seeking to support its ruling elite and to protect the American people from grizly truths.

Indeed, I was going to pass on commemerating this event at all, but last night, bouncing between channels, I hit the local news, which, deep in its coverage, mentioned the anniversary and showed a good-sized rally against the war in Tacoma (because, you know, no one would protest the war in Seattle). And then, to provide "balance", gave equal time to a pro-war protest.

Of three people. Standing on an overpass laced with faded yellow ribbons, holding American flags, near Fort Lewis. And even they said they understood the anti-war protesters point.

Which, of course, puts them one-up on the current administration.

Here's to friends and strangers toughing it out, far from home. Happy W-day. More later,