Thursday, March 23, 2006


My friend, Wolfgang Baur, better known as the Monkey King, has lost his mind.

I blame his status as a new father. The combination of sleeplessness and the endophrine rush of a beautiful child has proved too much for this otherwise stalwart and productive designer of games and writer of fiction, and he has descended into madness.

Specifically - he is embracing a new (well, old) method of publishing - Seeking out Patrons. He's willing to write for a small group of individuals who are in turn willing to pay up front for the goods, and who will have input on the final product before its completion. Wolf puts the inital concept up here and has devoted its own web page here.

Think of the Holy Father of Rome nattering at Michelangelo about the subject matter in the Sistine Chapel and you have a good idea of where this is going. Now imagine writing for fifty Popes, all commenting at the same time, and you see where the inevitable nightmare of this plan unfolds.

But if you ever wanted to direct a talented game designer as to his next project, kibbitz on it during its writing and hold a unique piece of fantasy adventure history in your hands (or hard drive - I'm a little vague on his distribution method), this is your chance. Game design moves into a new century - in this case the 15th Century, in Venice.

Obviously, this is will end in tears.

More later