Tuesday, March 07, 2006

No Quarter (Final)

Now, they have announced the quarters for 2006 here, but I am not going to review them for the simple reason that I have not handled them. One of the things I have figured out by going through 35 of these is that feel is as important as look. What makes the Connecticut quarter truly great and the Texas quarter a slug is more than just design. And while I look forward to commenting on Nevada's wild horses, Nebraska's search for a clean rest stop, and South Dakota's commemoration of Rodan attacking Mt. Rushmore, I want to see how these coins feel.

So have we learned anything? Well, if your target audience is too dumb to know your state shape, they should not be trusted to make change. Just because you have a state botanical object is no reason to immortalize it in metal. That single strong images are better than a montage. That perspective is hard to do, but can be done well. And that if you live in Ohio, your only chance for fame is to move as far away as possible.

Yeah, I will do the remaining fifteen when the time comes, though by that time these blogs may be replaced by braincasting, wrapped in a catchy jingle and inserted directly into your cerebral cortex. But for the moment, I think I'm done with coins.

Oooooh look! Commemorative nickels!.

More later,